Accessing Custom APIs on Microsoft Azure Mobile Services

Needing some REST - 78/365 by Sergio Alvarez, on Flickr

Needing some REST – 78/365 by Sergio Alvarez, on Flickr

For my current project, I’m developing a Restful Web API using Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. These APIs are intended to be consumed by a mobile application, which is being developed in parallel by another team. On the server side, we’re doing our best to design the system along Restful best practice, so we’re using HTTP methods as appropriate, e.g. POST, PUT, PATCH, GET, DELETE, etc.

We recently ran into an integration problem, as our mobile app development team couldn’t access any APIs using the PUT method. This is the story of how we resolved this issue… Read More…

A Better Time-lapse Photography Script

CanSatLogoMy first attempt at a time lapse script came up a little short.  That script was intended to be quick and dirty.  In order to make it easier to use, I’ve written some improved scripts. Read More…

How To Take Timelapse Photos with Raspberry Pi

CanSatLogoAs part of our CanSat endeavours, we are going to use a Raspberry Pi to do some time-lapse photography as we descend after launch.  In order to do this we’ll need to configure our Pi to do this automatically.  Read on for a description on how to do this.

Read More…

How To Measure Air Pressure with Arduino

CanSatLogoContinuing with our series on CanSat, we discuss how to detect atmospheric pressure using an Arduino Uno R3 and an MPX4115A Pressure Sensor.

Read More…

Temperature Sensing with Arduino

CanSatLogoAs part of the CanSat Primary Mission, we need to measure temperature.  For this our starter kit has given us an Arduino Uno R3 micro-controller, as well as some resistors and an NTCLE101E3 NTC Thermistor.

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Introduction to CanSat

CanSatLogoI’ve been fortunate to become involved with the CanSat competition in Ireland this year.  I’m playing the part of Industry Mentor to a team of students from Gairmscoile Mhuire, Athenry, Co. Galway.  Our team have called themselves Gairmsat.

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Home Theater Raspberry Pi

Enclosure - Raspberry Pi by SparkFunElectronics

Enclosure – Raspberry Pi by SparkFunElectronics

So in Part One, we took an old external had drive, and added it as storage to a Raspberry Pi.  In Part Two, we took that Raspberry Pi and shared the new folders on the local network.  In this final tutorial, I’ll show what all of this has been for, and show you how to create your own Home Theater Raspberry Pi.

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