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Swaying the Team to Innovate.

Innovation in Corporate America

Innovation in Corporate America

As I mentioned in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, our team is currently on the horns of a dilemma.  I likened our situation to racing on a flat tyre.  Do you stop and fix, taking the hit of lost time, or do you make a best effort to keep pace, almost blindly disregarding the situation.

I’ve just finished reading Sway (Brafman & Brafman, 2008).  It offers some additional insights into our situation.  For example, all my engineering training has been around technology.  How computers work, how software works, how to create good software, how software design works, how the software process works, etc.  As far as I remember, no time was given to group dynamics.  Since most non-trivial software requires a team to collaborate, one would think that taking the group into account would factor into software design and engineering.
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