Installers Matter



TG Daily reports that Mozilla have found that 50,000 people fail to install Firefox every day.  On one hand, I find this surprising, but on another, not so much.

Firstly, I would have assumed that the design of installers is a done deal.  I would estimate 90+% of software I install follows the same Wizard metaphor.  One would have assumed that this is so, because the customer likes it this way.

On the other hand, this may be lulling us into a false sense of security.  As an application developer, I tend to focus on the application, its interface, usability, functionality, architecture, etc.  Very little time and thought is given to the ‘software around the software’, such as the installer.

You should think of the installer on your application, like a door on your shop.  If the customer can’t get through it, you’re in trouble.  Installers matter.  Making the installation process as painless and smooth for your users should always be a high priority.  As the Mozilla guys argue, loss of users directly maps to loss of market share.


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