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How To Measure Air Pressure with Arduino

CanSatLogoContinuing with our series on CanSat, we discuss how to detect atmospheric pressure using an Arduino Uno R3 and an MPX4115A Pressure Sensor.

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Temperature Sensing with Arduino

CanSatLogoAs part of the CanSat Primary Mission, we need to measure temperature.  For this our starter kit has given us an Arduino Uno R3 micro-controller, as well as some resistors and an NTCLE101E3 NTC Thermistor.

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Introduction to CanSat

CanSatLogoI’ve been fortunate to become involved with the CanSat competition in Ireland this year.  I’m playing the part of Industry Mentor to a team of students from Gairmscoile Mhuire, Athenry, Co. Galway.  Our team have called themselves Gairmsat.

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