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When Life Gives you Oranges, Make Arancello

We all started January with good intentions, but while mine included eating more fruit, I may have overestimated my enthusiasm for it.  Yes, I’ve definitely eaten more fruit this month, but I’ve also bought far more than I needed.

So now I’m looking at a fruit bowl full of oranges, and wondering what to do with them…

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Testing SD Cards with Linux

While on holiday recently, my wife bought a 32GB micro-SD card, which she intended to use in her tablet.  Since then, it has been giving various errors, so I thought I should take it and verify its quality.

In order to test the card, we’re going to run three tests:

  1. Access Speed, to assess the card Speed Class.
  2. Drive Size, to assess if the reported size matches the actual size.
  3. Data durability. to assess that data written can be read back reliably.

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