When Life Gives you Oranges, Make Arancello

We all started January with good intentions, but while mine included eating more fruit, I may have overestimated my enthusiasm for it.  Yes, I’ve definitely eaten more fruit this month, but I’ve also bought far more than I needed.

So now I’m looking at a fruit bowl full of oranges, and wondering what to do with them…

… so, when life gives you oranges, make Arancello.  This recipe can also be adapted for Limoncello by exchanging oranges for lemons.  Both work well as digestifs or to add a twist on your favourite cocktail.  This will produce about 1.5 litres of liqueur at about 20% ABV.


  • 9 fresh oranges, scrubbed
  • 750 ml bottle of vodka,
  • 400 g sugar,
  • 700 ml water.


  1. Since your oranges are likely waxed, we’ll need to scrub them to remove it.
  2. Using a sharp knife or peeler, peel the oranges taking only the zest and leaving the white pith.  Place the zest in a suitably large Kilner jar.
  3. Top up with the vodka, and set aside in a cool dark place to infuse.  The longer you leave it, the better.  Anywhere between a few days and up to a month is fine.
  4. Once infused, make a sugar syrup by mixing the sugar and water and heating until the sugar has dissolved.  Allow to cool slightly.
  5. Strain the vodka from the zest, and mix with the sugar syrup.  Bottle and refrigerate.
  6. Serve chilled.

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2 responses to “When Life Gives you Oranges, Make Arancello”

  1. madeinromeblog says :

    I’ve been ageing my limoncello for 4 years now. Will have to try this with oranges!

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