Glinsk Castle Loop

Firstly, many thanks to my beautiful wife for the birthday gift of a new pair of hiking boots.  The old pair of Meindls had served their time, and I’d walked the soles off them.  The upgrade to a pair of Bhutans was most welcome.

Time to take them to the hills, so I set off intending to walk the Glenregan Loop, but I found that it was not well marked from the trail-head, so I set off on one of the way-marked loops, hoping I would find my way eventually.

Unfortunately I had set off in the opposite direction and only met the Glenregan loop after already completing 6 km.  As it was getting late in the day I decided not to follow it, but I’ll definitely return to do it, now that I know the lie of the land.

Having done the Glinsk Castle Loop, I can say it’s a definite muscle stretcher.  There are long periods of gentle climbs as you follow forest tracks and trails up the side of the Slieve Blooms, that will stretch your legs and get your heart rate up.  Unfortunately the view from the top were somewhat spoiled by the mist that was falling, but the trail itself was well kept and way-marked and offer good opportunities to to spot squirrels and martins along the way.



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