Chris Collins

Coder – Maker – Educator

In professional life, I am a Software Engineer, living and working in Galway, Ireland,  on the shores of the rugged Atlantic.  On personal time, I enjoy trying my hand at different technologies, taking any opportunity to feed my friends and take long walks in the countryside with my trusty Labrador, Ted.


9 responses to “About”

  1. jonathan kushner says :

    I love ubuntu. In college, I fooled around with linux ( but not actually make the change ). I have no reason whatsoever to load anything else now.

  2. Charlie Collins says :

    Wait a minute. I am a “Senior Software Engineer”, working primarily in Java and related technologies (found your blog when searching for some Ant stuff), and an avid Ubuntu user, and my initials are “ccollins.”

    You are stealing my MO man ;).

    Signed: the other ccollins in software/java (Charlie)

    • ccollins says :

      Hey Charlie,
      Just forward on your credit card and social security numbers and the takeover will be complete :-)

      Only kidding, welcome to the blog.

      -The Real CCollins

  3. Deron Koslsoki says :

    Hello Mr. Collins , My name is Deron Kosloski, I am an old guy inspiring to be a programmer, trying to get my BS in IT, I know, but while doing research on the history SQL I ran across your site and noticed you were well seasoned and can be considered an expert in your field, was wondering if I can use your material, History of SQL,paraphrased of course in my assignment if properly cited in APA format.

    With Great respect


    • ccollins says :

      Hi Deron, please feel free to build on the content here. All my posts are licensed under CC-BY-SA. See the link in the sidebar for more details.

      • Deron Kosloski says :

        Thank You, this asking for permission was more out of respect for you, than being legal, but being legal doesn’t hurt either. If I come across any new material, or material that will help enhance your topics I will be sure to add it to your site, again Thank You, oh I am ordering my Raspberry Pi today, it is your fault :)

      • ccollins says :

        You won’t be disappointed! I love my Pi!

  4. YOUSEF says :

    Hi Coollins,
    I read your post about How To Measure Air Pressure with Arduino. It was very interesting.
    Can I connect a differential pressure (DPTA-20-P1B) with Arduino UNO R3?

    If it is possible, what will the code be/look like?


    • ccollins says :

      Hi Yousef,
      Not directly. The DPTA-20-P1B works with voltages in the range of 12-36 volts. Arduino can only work at 3.3 or 5 volts. It is always possible to adapt one to the other, but the code you would need would also need to take this into account.


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