Manage Passwords and Keep Your Sanity

In life, I wear many hats.

I am a Software Engineer, so I know what leaps we have to go through to keep your data safe, when it’s on our servers.  We do our best to keep things simple for you, but we can’t do it all.  As such, having a good password is what we expect of you.  Doing this keeps us, and you safe(er) from data breaches.

But, it would seem you’re not keeping your end of the bargain:

So what makes a good password?  Longer is better.  Multiple types of characters (letters, digits, special characters, etc.) are better. Not based on a dictionary word. So on, and so forth.  What are you left with.  Phrases that are unrecognizable as ‘human’.

I am also a consumer.  Setting different passwords for each account is also recommended, as a breach on one won’t lead to a breach of another.  But who has time to generate (and remember) these complex password for every site one visits?

I feel the pain on both sides of the equation.  Passwords suck!

I am also an open-source advocate (some might even say zealot).  So until the boffins in the lab come up with something better than passwords, I can heartily recommend KeePass Password Safe.  This is a nifty bit of open-source software that will help you manage your passwords.  You can run it pretty much everywhere you can run software.  It saves your passwords to an encrypted file, and helps you generate strong, complex passwords.  When you need to use them, just copy-paste them from the KeePass application to your browser or other application.

Go forth and continue to enjoy your computing experience, but help keep us all safe by using strong passwords.  Using KeePass will help you keep them strong and unique and best of all, maintain your sanity.  Just don’t lose that password file!


American Meat Loaf

Meat loaf was one of the family favorites during my childhood until one day, in our eagerness, we took it from the oven a little too early, and all ended up with food poisoning for the next few days. So by all means, cook it and enjoy it, just give it the time it needs. Read More…

Summer Pasta Salad

It’s the May Bank Holiday Weekend, and Summer has officially started.  So despite the rain, I’m determined to kick off the Summer with some good food.  This salad will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites and will suit our Summer-not-yet-Summer weather.

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Store Files on your Android Phone with Linux

Take your files on the go with Android and Linux.  In this howto, I’ll show you how to easily attach your phone or tablet to your Linux PC and transfer files.

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Onion Jam

Our excellent chef served us pork chops with onion jam during the week, reminding me of how much I love this condiment.  Since I’ve got a glut of chutney at the moment, I haven’t made any in a while, but I’m looking forward to barbecues with friends in the coming months, where this versatile condiment will feature.  Excellent with both hot and cold meats, as well as cheeses, breads and crackers.  It’s hard to think of a more versatile accompaniment.

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Weekend Project: Open Source Media Centre

Open Source Media Centre
I’ve been running a Raspberry Pi connected to my TV for a while now, and I’ve been using Rasbmc, a version of Kodi (formerly XBMC) quite happily.  I decided since I had a spare Raspberry Pi, I should do the same to my second TV in the lounge.  Setting this up and pointing it to my media files from the office shared drive, means I can now watch Game of Thrones while my wife catches up on her soaps.

Using this setup can get you a cheap media centre (small enough to hide behind the TV). Read on for setup instructions …

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Roast Beef

It’s hard to beat a good Sunday roast.  It’s a time to set aside our hectic lives and spend time with the ones we love over some good food.  So if you’re going to be entertaining, then you’re going to want a quick and simple roast recipe, and this is just the ticket.  Just don’t forget the gravy!

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